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House S&T

This client approached us for our assistance during the construction phase of their new family home as they embarked on a journey to create their dream space from the ground up. Before construction was complete, we guided them through planning the ideal lighting and electrical layouts for their home and consulted on the built-in cabinetry.

The inspiration behind the chosen decor pieces was drawn from a modern, minimalist look and feel with clean surfaces and minimum clutter. As the project progressed and evolved, we introduced more colour, texture and detailed features. This creates a warm and cosy atmosphere and the use of custom-designed pieces for the family’s specific requirements brought a personal touch to the soft decor finishes.

The main bedroom was created to offer a luxurious escape to the parents while the son’s room was designed to keep with the minimalist theme while still offering a playful environment for a growing boy. Bringing everything together is the multi-functional family space which served as the core family area designed for work, play and relaxation.

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4 weeks


Residential development



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